Stones To Play Coachella?

Could this pic from the event's Facebook
suggest the Stones to play Coachella?

Hopefully everyone out there had a great weekend but its Monday so let’s check out some of the news you might have missed out on.

Looks like Slash is finally fed up with Scott Weiland’s wild “rantings” about rejoining Velvet Revolver – but apparently Weiland hasn’t gotten the message as the troubled band-less frontman has been publically talking about reuniting with his former VR crew.

In a recent interview slated to hit this month’s issue of Classic Rock magazine, the legendary guitarist says of his former bandmate: “None of us have a clue what he’s talking about… We’re not buying it.”

"I don't even want to give him this attention, to tell you the truth,” said Slash. "I think at this point Scott just got fired from STP and I think he's trying to pull off that trick of trying to get something else going on, and we're not buying it. The door's shut on this side and it's probably shut on that side too, so he's on his own. And he deserves it too.”

As you might remember, Weiland was kicked out of Velvet Revolver back in 2008 before rejoining his original band, Stone Temple Pilots – who had already fired the singer once before, not including this latest go around.

Well, maybe Weiland can try his luck out with a new band since it seems this will probably be the last time anyone pays serious attention to the out of work singer.

Although we are still in the thick of winter I’m sure most of us here can already hear the sweet sounds of the summer music festival and if the rumors are true, this year’s might be a pretty good one – at least if you’re a Stones fan heading out to Coachella this year!

Organizers of the famous California music and arts festival dropped what might be a hint that the Rolling Stones will be part of their 2013 lineup.

The festival’s Facebook page posted a photo on Friday of a round stone in the field of the concert’s site, fueling the rumors that the legendary band will be included in the two-weekend event.

While that might be a an obvious hint for some, there is also last month’s premature accidental announcement of an April 12 concert date – the same day as the opening of Coachella – via the official Stones App which was taken down two hours after going live.

If you put two and two together, it sounds like the Rolling Stones will be making their way out to California’s Coachella Valley this April, but hey – here’s hoping those stones might actually just be hinting at a surprise Stone Temple Pilots re-reunion!

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