Does Style Really Matter For A Successful Band?


Even though the style is vital to the success of a band, looking like a rock star won't make you sound like one. When it comes to band success, both style and music are essential. But, between amazing music and a good image, which one really counts? Keep reading to find out!



Why Style Matters


1. It Creates a Good First Impression

As they say, you can seldom make a good first impression twice. Your fashion or clothing is an extension of your art and music. All eyes are focused on you during a show. To leave a perfect first impression, it is crucial to find a style that looks and feels right. Choose a costume that is slightly cut above what the audience is wearing to your show.


2. It Gives You a Feeling of Confidence on the Stage

If you are not comfortable with your style as a band, it will be obvious to your audience. If you feel like you are putting on more for the show, you will definitely have more stage presence and feel more confident.


3. It Makes Your Band to Stand Out

Your choices about clothes, fashion, hair... and how these choices are stylistically conveyed on stage, in videos, photos, and much more is an extension of your band's identity and character. Your unique style makes your band stand out from the crowd. Sharing a common attitude and style with your audience not only gives them a strong idea of your band's mission from the start but also helps them to buy into you.


4. It Shows Your Professionalism

Musicians are often stereotyped, unprofessional people. However, any band with a vision of making it big knows how it is vital to prove naysayers wrong. A perfect fashion or style is one of the ways to show your band's professionalism. Maintaining high standards of professionalism not only helps to present your band in a positive light but is also beneficial in instilling internal discipline.



Why Style Doesn't Really Matter


1. The Current Music Industry is Money Oriented

According to musician Brandon Seymour, the music industry isn't any longer concerned with expression or art. It is no longer about talent, originality or identity. It is all about the cash. Regardless of how awful or amazing you are, all that the current music industry cares about is how they can benefit from what your band has to offer.


2. Great Tunes Outlive an Image

According to the opinions of many musicians and music lovers, great music has nothing to do with style. Just be human, choose the style that makes you come alive and let your music speak for you.



Final Thoughts ...

A good band image, as well as good music, is not something that you just present to the world in one show. You have to cultivate it, both for yourself and for the entire world. If you have a clear vision of how your band should look like and how your music should sound like, then you are off to an excellent start. Remember, before someone listens to your music, your style is the only thing that counts. Immediately they press the play button, your music is the only thing that matters. Thus, the band style is the invite while the music itself is the party. What's more? With the current saturation of the music marketplace, fans often demand other elements besides the music to inform their buying decisions.



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