Suhr Dual Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

Over the years, Suhr pedals have become increasingly popular, finding their ways onto the pedalboards of countless guitarists. Sure, they might still be best known for their amazing guitars and pickups but you're doing your sound a disservice if you're ignoring their effects. Recently, I was able to take their Dual Boost clean booster for a spin. In a world filled with plenty of options, does the Dual Boost do enough to win over that precious pedalboard real estate? Keep reading to find out.

The Features

The core feature of the Suhr Dual Boost is -- unsurprisingly -- the two independent selectable boosts contained within a single pedal, each of which has their own selectable hi-cut filter. As far as the effect itself, it is a transparent clean boost, made to deliver a boosted signal that retains that the natural tone and sound of your instrument without any additional coloration. In order to achieve this, Suhr packed an onboard charge pump circuit that allows that Dual Boost to deliver plenty of additional headroom and a wide dynamic range. Other features include a global Boost Range toggle (+10dB/+20dB), assignable bypass (Buffered/True Bypass), and Suhr's proprietary mfx (Multi-Function Technology) switching.

As for the build, it features the same high-quality construction and hallmarks that you should expect from a Suhr pedal. With a die-cast metal chassis, solid knobs and inputs, and a slick paint job, this is a pedal that should easily last you years of wear and tear. The pedal itself is actually pretty compact, smaller than your average pedal (aside from minis) so it should easily fit nicely on your board. And finally, the Suhr Dual boost can be powered by either a standard 9-volt battery or a compatible AC adapter.

Suhr Dual Boost Clean Booster @ $200.00


  • Dual Channel Clean Boost/Buffer/Line Driver
  • Independent Boost and Hi-Cut Controls
  • Selectable Global Boost Range Switch (+10dB/+20dB)
  • Ultra Low Distortion, Low Noise Components Selected For Superior Signal Transparency
  • Internal Charge Pump - Increased Headroom and Dynamic Range
  • Assignable Bypass: Buffered/True Bypass


The Sound

The main job of a booster pedal is to increase an instrument's signal before it hits the amp. In use, it could be to yield a louder sound or to strengthen the signal as it passes through multiple effects, all while maintaining as much definition and clarity as possible. On that front, the Dual Boost succeeds with ease. In fact, it does so amazingly, able to deliver a surprisingly robust amount of boost while keeping the guitar's sound intact without any added noise or coloration. And while the Suhr Dual Boost might seem simple in its implementation -- two independent boosts, each with its own hi-cut filter and nothing else -- there's actually a ton of versatility within.

While the Dual Boost works great on solid state amps, the pedal really shines when paired with a tube amp. Boosters are commonly used as a way to instantly coax a tube amp's natural overdrive with a hit of a switch. So with my Fender Hot Rod Deville in tow, I took it for a spin. Unsurprisingly, the results were great. I was able to get a satisfying growl, warm and smooth yet perfectly defined. And while the Deville is perfectly capable of delivering great overdrive on its own, the addition of the Dual Boost and its hi-cut filters allowed me to further sculpt my tone in ways I could not do with the amp alone. Overall, it felt like an upgrade to my current set up. If you're lucky enough to own a tube amp, the Dual Boost will definitely be a welcomed addition.

The Verdict

Sometimes, all a player really wants from a booster pedal is a precise recreation of their meticulously crafted tone – only louder, without any noise or dilution in the process. Sometimes, you want a little more, one that can work with your current setup and provide additional strength and control. No matter what type of player you are, you'll find plenty of use and plenty to love with Suhr's booster. If you're in the market for a brand new clean booster, look no further than the Dual Boost. The only thing you'll regret is not discovering this pedal sooner.