Suhr SSV And DSV Electric Guitar Humbuckers

We often get asked by our customers about personal recommendations when it comes to pickups. And it makes sense – players have never had as many choices in high-quality pickups as they do right now. From the big manufacturers to the boutique brands, there is a lot to choose from. With that in mind, I wanted to share with our readers two Suhr pickup series that I find myself always recommending: the DSV and SSV humbuckers. While guitarists that prefer a more modern sound might want to look elsewhere, player’s that live and die by that classic, vintage humbucker tone will definitely want to take a closer look at these two quality humbucker pickups.


The SSV line is one of Suhr’s most popular humbucker offerings and for good reason. Tonally, they feature the warm nature of vintage pickups but are overwound for a slightly hotter sound. They also offer a particularly sweet midrange response along with that combination of honk and snarl that many players love.   And better still, they lack the compression artifacts that normally plague higher output pickups and pair particularly well with higher output single-coils, great for players that want a versatile setup.

Moving on to the next line, the DSV is meant to be an even warmer version of the SSV, and it shows. The best way to describe these humbuckers is smooth, articulate and clear, particularly in the top end. While the DSV line definitely nails down the vintage humbucker sound, it’s a tad bit hotter than you would expect from true old school model. But if you love sustain and creamy, smooth overdrive, I can’t recommend this DSV line enough.

ssv-b50_n_1 SSV and DSV humbuckers are available in multiple styles including, black, white, zebra and plated options (Nickel cover shown above).

Both the DSV and SSV consist of a neck and bridge option, with the bridge being available in either 50mm or 53mm spacing. There are also multiple styles to available, from the classic all black or white, zebra, and even various plated options.

To find out more about both the SSV and DSV humbucking pickups including pricing and style options, make sure to check out the links below! And for questions regarding the purchase of these or any other piece of gear, don't hesitate to chat with one of our PAL pros by using the Contact Us dialogue box below.


Suhr SSV Humbucking Neck

Suhr SSV Humbucking Bridge (50mm Spacing)

Suhr SSV Humbucking Bridge (53mm Spacing)


SUHR DSV Humbucking Neck Pickup

Suhr DSV Humbucking Bridge (50mm Spacing)

Suhr DSV Humbucking Bridge (53mm Spacing)



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