UK Tabloid Claims Direct Link Between Sex, Drugs, Rock N' Roll

Risky teens after listening to rock n' roll

The popular UK tabloid The Daily Mail, read by about 6 million people online daily, have outdone themselves as they have taken a research report completely out of context in order to make groundless claims about the dangers of rock n’ roll music. The original research paper the tabloid cited itself was ruled unconvincing at best.

The tabloid likens the use of drugs, unprotected sex and all around immoral behavior of teens as a side effect of listening to rock music.

In the article titled “Is rock n’roll the ‘gateway drug’ that leads to drink, dope and risky sex?” the Daily Mail says: “The phrase ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ is part of pop culture – but it’s actually true. Youngsters who spend time listening to loud music area also at risk of drug abuse, heavy alcohol use and risky sex.

“In the report from the Netherlands, researchers found that teens and young adults who spent a lot of time listening to loud music were also more likely to smoke marijuana, binge drink and have sex without a condom.”

The tabloid based their claims on a paper by researchers at Erasmus MC University in Rotterdam who surveyed 944 people between the ages of 15 to 25 about their personal lifestyle and music listening habits. The study found that many of those surveyed who listened to rock music were also participating in drug use, unsafe sex and other risky behavior.

Although The Daily Mail insists that rock n’ roll is to blame, the research paper itself did not mention any explicit genre of music nor did they bother to ask participants for any specific type of music.

Critics of then research paper were quick to point out the obvious lack of proof that shows a direct cause and effect of listening to music and risky behavior, although the tabloid simply quoted Dr Sharon Levy of Boston Children’s Hospital, a substance abuse expert: “The study couldn’t show that one type of behaviour led to another, she pointed out.”

Comments on the tabloids website further shows that readers were just as skeptical of the claim as much as the critics with one reader posting: “I’m 32, and I’m a rock/metal fan, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do any drugs and I don’t engage in casual sex. The gateway drug you’re referring to here is the inability of most teenagers to resist peer pressure.”


Here are a few other comments from readers:

“In the 50s rock’n'roll was responsible for juvenile delinquency. Now its the villain again? Come on,  maybe kids just want to take a break from the lunacy and up-tightedness of our society.”

“I’ve listened to rock music for as long as i can remember. From Eddie Cochran to System of a Down. I dont drink, I dont smoke and I dont condone drug use. There are drunks, smokers and drug addicts in all forms of music genre. This is just another “Rock music is the work of devil” attack again.”

“It’s good to know that it’s not just UK Universities that is now populated by idiots doing pretend science for a living. Is the Charleston a gateway drug that leads to drink, dope and risky sex? Because stupid researchers in the 1920′s could have come to exactly the same conclusion. Correlation is not causality. If you don’t understand that fundamental principle you have no business ever setting foot in a university without a brush or mop in your hand.”


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