TC Electronic Announces the PolyTune 2 Mini

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini 2 Tuner Pedal TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini

TC Electronic has just announced the release of PolyTune 2 Mini, the pint sized version of the followup to one of the best selling tuner pedals to ever grace a board!

PolyTune 2 Mini takes everything that's great about TC Electronic's innovative polyphonic tuning technology, and crams it into an unfathomably small enclosure that willl fit on basically any pedalboard out there. On top of that, the new PolyTune 2 Mini features an upgraded display with 109 ultra-bright LEDs, which ensures that no matter where you play, you will always get a fast and clear read on whether you're in tune or not. Finally, a new super-precise strobe tuner mode has been added. With its 0.1 cent accuracy, PolyTune 2 Mini is the perfect tool for setting up your instrument with dead-on precision.

PolyTune 2 Mini still features the original chromatic tuning mode, TC Electronic's ingenious MonoPoly technology which automatically detects if you're tuning one string or several strings at the same time, drop-D and capo tunings, flat tunings, and true bypass.

The PolyTune 2 Mini is set to hit pedal boards everywhere later this month on September 28th, 2014!

Not in the market for a miniature machine? Check out the full-sized PolyTune 2 instead!


For information on ordering and availability, shoot us a message at or call us toll free at 1-877-671-2200!

About TC Electronic: TC Electronic was founded in 1976 with the objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing first class audio products that provide lasting user value for audio professionals and musicians. Today, the company is not only a leader in digital signal processing, but also a major player in other aspects of the digital audio technology world, such as digital amplification and networking.

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