Tenacious D Concert Stabbing Not Part of the Show says Black

Kyle Glass and Jack Black during a 2006 show; PC: Wikimedia

Alright pro audio fans, we’re back from what should have been a pretty memorable weekend for those of you out there who never miss the opening ceremonies of a certain worldwide event. And while fans of the Olympic Games were been treated to its usual assortment of high back springs and backstroke relays, concert goers this weekend celebrated the best way they know how – violence! I’m exaggerating, obviously, but stay with me here. When you go to a Tenacious D show, there are a few things that you should expect; Guys dressed in alien costumes, plenty of fart jokes and even the occasional rocking tune (I joke of course, they always rock).

Well, fans that attended last Saturday’s July 28 D show at the House of Blues in Vegas got something a bit more exciting than they were expecting when fifteen minutes into the set, a fight broke loose amongst a few members of the crowd and did not end until blood hit the floor courtesy of a friendly knife to the knee.

Sounds like good ol’ knife fights have replaced that weird hologram craze from earlier in the year as the newest trend in live music as friendly little concert stabbings might have become the norm at several leading concerts. This year alone saw two different stabbing incidents in Europe during Swedish House Mafia shows along with similar incidents at the more popular Coachella Music and Arts festival, and that’s not even mentioning the rest of the lesser known assaults scattered throughout the news.

According to a witness who attended the show, shoving and pushing occurred at "stage-left-side bar on the venue's downstairs level and the short staircase to the floor.” The incident happened so fast and in such a congested section of the venue that security and concert goers did not notice the pool of blood that had accumulated on the floor until much later.

And in case some people in attendance thought that this was merely a huge joke by the comedy heavy band – and sadly, I’m sure some people thought so – frontman Jack Black made it perfectly clear that this was not part of the set itinerary.

“This is no joke,” said Black during the show. “Due to a serious situation we’re shutting it down. We can only play one more song, but we’re gonna rock it out.” The band played their well known song “Tribute” to end the show.

If you’re wondering how the victim of the sharp end of the situation is doing, he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he is expected to fully recover. Police have detained one person in this incident and are reportedly not looking for anyone else. As cheesy are they are … I think I’ll rather take the holograms.





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