Tenacious D Drop New Album

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Actor Jack Black and bandmate Kyle Gass are at it again and will be releasing a brand new Tenacious D album next Tuesday according to a recent interview with Reuters.

The new album, entitled Rize of the Fenix, will be the duo’s third studio release and the first in six years. Both Black and Gass were adamant about trying to bring back “the majesty and genius of rock” by trying to save what they see as a dying genre.

"Since we had our last album, rock and roll completely died,” said Black. “Thank God for The D, riding in on their white stallions to rescue rock and roll. What killed it? Was it Axl Rose in the library with a wrench, or was it Lady Gaga in the pantry with the pliers? We don't know but we'll figure it out.”

Although they admit that critics are hard pressed to take the group serious due to their heavy comedy background, they claim to be completely serious about their latest endeavor, even going as far as to ask fellow famous friends for help writing a hit song, such as Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

"I've always wanted to have one of those hits on the radio, but we haven't really been able to crack that code,” Gass told Reuters. “I think we're trying this time a lot.”

The group was formed by Gass and Black back in 1994 where the two would perform their own brand of “mock rock” at bars in the Los Angeles area and rose to fame on the heels of Black’s successful comedy movies.

Catch Tenacious D’s new album Rize of the Fenix when it hits stores Tuesday, May 15.




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