The Bogner La Grange Overdrive Boost Guitar Pedal

When the Bogner La Grange Overdrive Boost guitar effects pedal was first introduced way back in NAMM 2014, it was easily one of the most anticipated pedals of the show, with the company promising release within the next three months. Unfortunately, Bogner then decided that the pedal wasn't living up to their high standards and sent it back to the lab until it was just right. Over the next two years, player's were eagerly awaiting any news on the release La Grange, with the anticipation reaching fever pitch. So much so in fact that when the pedal finally hit the streets in 2016, the demand was far higher than the supply, leaving many eager players out in the cold.

Luckily for our customers, ProAudioLand has been one of the only places with stock and let me tell you, they’ve been selling like hotcakes ever since we received our first shipments from Bogner. And while other sites are still having to place orders on a waiting list, we have been consistently delivering the Bogner La Grange to our customers for months.


Why Is The La Grange So Great?

For those of you not familiar with the Bogner La Grange Overdrive Boost, it is at its core a Marshall Plexi amp emulator in a box, able to recreate tones from a mid-‘60s Plexi all the way up to the modded ‘90s versions thanks to the pedal’s three-way gain switch and channel blend (which simulates the two channels of a 4 input 67-69 Plexi amplifier).

But what further separates the La Grange from the hundreds of other Plexi-flavored overdrive pedals is Bogner’s use of a dedicated audio transformer in the pedal's circuitry, allowing for gorgeous, lively tone like very few other stompboxes can deliver. Add in the La Grange’s powerful tone shaping controls, high-quality construction, and smart features and you should begin to see why this pedal is so popular.

Other notable features include an independent boost that can be used with or without the pedal's own drive, a Variac mode that employs extra dynamic compression and enriched harmonics for an EVH-style 'brown sound', along with a presence switch and structure switch (with settings for tight, loose, or in between) to further expand the range of tonal options.

Check out the video below to hear the Bogner La Grange in action:


So why wait? If you’re looking to add the Bogner La Grange to your sonic arsenal, ProAudioLand has them ready to ship and at the best price around.

For more information on the Bogner La Grange Overdrive Boost guitar effects pedal, click here.



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