The Most Impressive Multi-Instrumentalists In Rock

Multi-instrumentalists ignite life into any category of music. They are musicians who have the ability to play two or more musical instruments. They also have the capacity to play musical instruments that do not belong to the same group. It is not strange for rock artists to play guitar and keyboard. In the world of rock, there are artists that have for a long time stood out as skilled multi-instrumentalists regardless of whether they are alive or not. Below is a list of the most impressive multi-instrumentalists in rock music.




Prince had his roots in Minnesota where he was born. He demonstrated an interest in music at a very tender age. By the time he was 18 years of age, he had already ventured into the world of music. This fallen multi-instrumentalist knew exactly the best way to deliver music. He was a talented musician who composed songs of different genres. Rock is one of the music genres he focused on. He played different instruments which include: saxophone, bass guitar, piano, percussion and Linn drum.


Paul McCartney

Born in the United Kingdom, Paul McCartney is a force to reckon with in the multi-instrumentalist world. He is a distinguished multi-instrumentalist who has immense talent. He definitely knows how to keep rock music rocking consistently by incorporating a couple of musical instruments. As a matter of fact, he has integrated several instruments in most of his albums which he plays all by himself. He plays several musical instruments such as guitar, piano, keyboard and drums. He has gained fame and popularity all over the world as a member of Beatles’ group. Beatles group is considered the best in the pop music context.


John Paul Jones

Although he died a couple of centuries ago, his impact in the music industry was enormous. A strong member of the renowned and brilliant Led Zeppelin rock band, he was a force to reckon with in the multi-instrumentalist discourse. He initially concentrated on his bassist and pianist role. With time, he added some diversity and indulged in other instruments such as lap steel guitar, cello, mandolin, violin just to mention a few. This varied instrumentalist culture indeed made his music both in the band and solo albums to stand out as refined and unique.


Trent Reznor

He is of American origin. He is considered a music guru who sets the trend for others to embrace. He first came into the limelight when he composed Nine Inch Nails-an industrial rock project. His multi-instrumentalist talent speaks on his behalf. He plays instruments such as marimba, pan flute, guitar, keyboards, and cello among others.


Brian Jones

His love for instruments probably emanated from his parents who both had a passion for instruments. His mother was a professional piano teacher while his father engaged in piano playing. Brian Jones passed on in his late twenties back in the late 1960s. Famous for the Rolling Stones band which he initiated, he was a manifestation of diversity in music. He played different instruments with utmost precision. He was regarded by many as a founder father of instruments in the context of rock music. He was very talented and played multiple instruments. These instruments entail: sitar, recorder, harmonica, guitar, flute saxophone among others.


Conclusion ...

Well, there you have it -- five of the most impressive multi-instrumentalists in rock. There are, of course, a lot more where that came from but the five above are among the most celebrated.



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