The Who Announces 2011 Tour

Roger Daltrey says The Who plan to tour next year, adding that a new Who album for 2011 may be in the works as well. In a interview posted on the group’s website, Daltrey says, “We’re in the planning stages for next year…we are planning on doing something. I can’t really talk about specifics yet, but it will be based around a past work.”

“I would like to be on the road playing as many different kind of shows as we could: maybe doing Quadrophenia one night, and greatest hits the next night,” Daltrey said. “And Tommy, if I could still sing Tommy. That, to me, would be really good fun. And don’t keep going out with the same show every night – the audience would have to take a chance on what show they actually got.”

New material and a tour!!!...we cant wait!

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