Things Singers Should Avoid Before A Performance

Singers have arguably the most important role in a band. While you can mask a few mistakes on guitar, bass or even drums, delivering a bad performance as a singer can ruin a show. While warming up is a must before any vocal performance, what you do the day before and day of can also have a huge impact. With that in mind, we'd like to take the time in this article on detailing things that singers should avoid before any performance.



Don't Drink Alcohol Or Coffee Before A Performance

Coffee has caffeine that causes dehydration and you need your vocal cords to be hydrated to put them in their best condition. Alcohol also has a dehydrating effect too aside from the fact that it can spoil your ability to sing properly.


Be Careful What You Eat

A full stomach can cramp your diaphragm - the powerhouse for controlling volume and breathing - so don't eat too much. Also be careful to avoid anything that will make you gassy - you don't really want to burp or hiccup while in full song. Eat by all means, but stop well before you feel full.


Avoid Hanging Out And Talking At Noisy Environments

Big crowds and noisy bars will often lead you to yell or talk loudly. This can strongly strain your vocal lines in and hurt your voice, so abstain from talking a lot in these spots. Abstain from shouting too.


Avoid Stress The Day Of And The Day Before A Performance

Do not stay late the night of your performance. A little stretching and breathing exercise will also help your voice to be free from stress during a singing performance.

Don't Neglect Your Jaw And Face Muscles

Loosening your jaw will be good for your singing, as it will allow you to bring out your best tone and help you hit the higher notes.

Singers Shouldn't Smoke

Smoking is bad for your lungs and vocal tracts that directly affect your singing voice. It can also cause irritation and, overtime, diminish your maximum lung capacity.


These are just good singing tips to help you take care of your asset. In your practice or rehearsal sessions, you also need to keep in mind some important tips also to enhance your singing. If you are doing your singing practice, it is also important to give yourself time to relax so you can perform you vocalization well. Practicing at higher notes than your original performance will also give you confidence on stage and will let you relax on your performance.

These are just some of the good singing tips that will help you in your performance. Aside from keeping in mind that your voice is in good shape during your performance, also keep in mind to maintain eye contact and be able to make a connection with your audience during your performance. A great voice accompanied by your great stage presence will also bring out an enjoyable performance.



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