Tips To Help You Become A Better Guitarist


Though the guitar is not as complicated as other instruments e.g. the violin, the cello, the piano, etc., knowing how to play guitar still requires hard work, time, and determination. Whether you'll be taking online guitar lessons to become a guitarist or traditional classes, there are several strategies, which when done, enable you to learn guitar easily. Here are some of those techniques.


1. Study Up On The Ground Work

It may be a good idea to study the basics first by yourself, in other words, do some self-study before you enroll in class, download lessons, or hire a tutor. By finding out basic chords, the parts of your guitar, how you should hold it, and so on, you'll find it easier to get what your instructor is saying, and you'll become well versed on how to play guitar in a speedier manner. There are so many resources over the Web and even books in the bookstore that focus on the subject which you can check out before you take online guitar lessons or 'offline' lessons.


2. Start Simple

Another tip to learn guitar easily is for you to start playing simple songs first, or songs that are composed only of simple chords. Most of your favorite songs may have complicated chords, and though it's understandable why you immediately wish to learn them, remember that they will only make you feel confused and frustrated, and if you want to be knowledgeable on how to play guitar, you have to start with the simple exercises first. Any expert guitarist didn't become a guitarist without learning to play the simple tunes first e.g. happy birthday, twinkle twinkle little star, and the like.


3. Guitar Lessons Can Go A Long Way

Whether you'll be joining brick and mortar lessons or you'll have online guitar lessons, keep in mind that having a chord chart is important. The map will show you where to place your fingertips to produce certain sounds e.g. the sound or the music A, the sound of the chord C, etc. Making use of a music book is always included in the list of tips to learn guitar easily.


4. Practice

Another technique of how to play guitar, specifically one that enables you to become a guitarist faster is for you to find time to practice, sometimes weekly. Do not practice just monthly, every other month, etc., as doing that will make you forget your lessons. Exercising at least twice or thrice a week is a must no matter what kind of lessons you take - online guitar lessons, one on one lessons, or traditional classes.


5. Can you play the guitar?

This might sound like a stupid question but it is one that a lot of people would think they can answer with a yes but the truth for them the answer to this question is a big no. Being able to play a few chords will not get you very far; you need to be very productive when playing to become a professional guitarist.


6. Money or Love?

Then another thing to consider is the reason why you want to play the guitar, and though there are numerous reasons why people want to play the guitar, the two most basic and most common reasons why people want to become professional guitarists are because of the money and because of the love of playing the instrument.


7. Be Creative

This is another essential ingredient that any professional guitarist needs to have, you need to be creative if you want to stay afloat amongst the competition.


8. Enjoy it

This is the most important thing you need to have if you are going to be a professional, your success depends greatly on how much you enjoy playing the instrument, and if you enjoy playing, there is no doubt that you will be happy and successful at what you do. It is a beautiful instrument and one that many people love to learn to play or love to listen to. If you can play the guitar, then just keep playing.


Final Thoughts ...

Bear in mind too that one of the most important techniques that will aid you in your goal to learn guitar easily is to not be in such a hurry. You see, if you rush yourself, you'll be more prone to making mistakes. You won't be able to master the basics, and we all know that the basics are important.



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