Tips For Musicians: Building An Email List

Some people might say that email marketing is a thing of the past, but the truth is email marketing is important now more than ever, especially for musicians. It gives them an opportunity to communicate directly to his or her fans without having to worry that their message will get lost in the haze. There are plenty of other reasons to use email marketing, but it would be a huge waste if you aren't building and growing your email list. If you are just getting started, here are a couple of tips and tricks you can apply that will help you take your music to another level.



Embed The Signup On Your Site And Social Media

To grow your list, you should place a signup box in a good position on your site or even on your social media accounts. There are email list companies that can offer integrated signup widget and place the signup box in the right place, but also make sure you create a custom design, because the better signup box you have, the more likely you will get more signups.


Offer Incentives For Signing Up

It's very unlikely that you will increase your email list without a reward. Fortunately, there are several emails marketing program that can help you reward your fans after a signup. For instance a free download of one of your tracks, or even a PDF with sheet music or an eBook (or whatever you think your fans will be willing to trade off for an email address). If you are offering a free track after sign up, don't forget to switch music you are offering now and then since it will more than likely incentivize new signups.


Be Engaging

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is referring themselves in the third person. This creates an instant disconnection with readers which will probably not help you grow your email list. So if you have a blog, website, or a social media page, make sure you become engaging by being yourself, by using your own voice. This will make people trust you and within time, they will be able to engage in your content, which is likely to attract new signups. But also, keep in mind that the content on your site or your blog should be unique because this is the key to building your email subscribers list.



I am sure you have sent your music to your different blogs and have asked for a review by fans, but what do you think would be the result if another musician features you? This works pretty well actually. Once you reach out to other artists or bands, email your list on their behalf, and let them do the same for you, everybody wins!


Take Care Of Existing Subscribers

Statistics show that 20% of your emails will be opened a day or two after you send them, and only your loyal fan will read them. This means that you've got to take care of them. For example, you can give them exclusive content or special discounts, a sneak peeks or any other special offer. If you play this card right, they will spread this to their friends, and within time you will start to see a large portion coming from your mailing list. It would actually be a good idea to ask these loyal readers to 'sneeze’ every once in a while, i.e., ask them to spread what you are offering, and chances are they will likely be happy to help.


Display A Clear Message

The content you create should be consistent and of value. This mean that you should have a clear call to action in the content that you create or any email you send. However, you have to make it simple and direct, something like 'you can sign up for our weekly newsletter’. If you show them the benefits of subscribing, they will likely sign up.


These few tips should help you get started, and if you apply them appropriately, you'll more than likely see growth in your email list. There are couples of other things that can help you increase your email database, but the key is to make sure you do it from as many angles as possible. As your list grows, you will probably come up with other creative ways to get the results you want!




Your Turn to Sound Off!

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