Tips For Singers: Why Learning Music Theory Matters

Learning and understanding music theory is helpful to all singers. The best vocalists start by learning music theory fundamentals. Learning music theory is not the more exciting part of singing, but just like in other music fields, it's equally important. Below are a few key reasons why every singer would benefit from learning music theory.


1. Learning Music Theory Allows You To "Read" Your Craft

Suppose you met someone and told them that you are a singer and how you love everything about music, and then they asked how you do your lines. It is ridiculous that most of us will say that they listen to other expert singers, learn from them and then do it. Funny enough to say that other musicians cannot read what they create. In truth, musicians without a background in the music theory are very limited in what they do - they could be much better if they learned it. This is simple – if you wish to be the best musician, performer, songwriter, creator or even music producer, you will need a basic mastery of the music theory and concepts.


2. Music Theory Is The Base Of Singing

It underlies everything you do as a singer. Learning the basic music theory is the fundamental of singing; the basis of understanding music. Whether you are an instrumentalist, a singer, you simply cannot perform well without a complete understanding of what makes up a minor, major or diminished chord, or how your singing melody fits in with the guitar or piano chords. If you are involved in music, then learning music theory is the best thing you can do to improve your musical skills.


3. Learning Music Theory Makes Practice Sessions Way More Efficient

A musician (however talented he or she is) —who does not understand basic music concepts dooms his or her musical career for a lifetime. I have heard young music bands practice songs for so long trying to perfect, while the fact is that it doesn’t work if they never took time to understand the music theory and concepts underlying it. The power to create, write and read music (gained from learning music theory) improves your singing skills making you a more versatile singer. Most musical problems and challenges are fixed easily by understanding various musical concepts.


4. Learning Music Theory Improves Songwriting Skills

Music theory is considered a rite of passage for every musician. Think of the basic music theory as a set of fundamental tools — ideas, vocabulary, explanations— that will make you a better music learner. This knowledge helps songwriters write their ideas perfectly. Think of a songwriter who doesn’t know how to write down the notes and chords of their songs. Well, maybe they could record it and have their music band figure out every line by ear, or maybe play the song and have an expert songwriter transcribe it. A better understanding of music theory makes a songwriter or composer more confident in their career.


5. Easier Communication

It helps singers learn the music language to help them communicate their ideas and challenged more effectively. It is the key to “speaking music”. Imagine being in a studio and not understanding what the music producer or sound engineer is saying just because you did not learn the music theory.


Final Thoughts ...

Learning music theory also helps you learn the correct postures for vocalists, breathing exercises for vocalists, warm up exercises for the tongue and lips to help strengthen your range and improve pronunciation.



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