Top 5 Warm Up Tips For Singers


Just like any other activity, you should warm up well before you start signing. Tension can make you under perform if you are about to perform in front of a crowd. If you have never performed before a large crowd, then it is necessary for you to get ready for the singing so that you can avoid embarrassments. There are several exercises you can carry out before you start singing. It is necessary for you to incorporate such exercises in your preparation before you start singing.



Warm Up Tips for Singers


Keep Good Posture

When singing, you need good airflow through your nose and the lungs. The best way for you to achieve the perfect air flow so that your singing can be perfect is to have the right posture before you start singing. If you are singing while standing, you should start by keeping your feet flat on the floor and shoulders width apart so that you can gain the necessary balance for you to sing. If you prefer sitting while singing, then you should ensure your back is off the seat so that you can achieve free movement of air as you sing.


Breathe Deep

Deep breathe is vital so that you can use the full power while singing. Other people will only use their top lungs when singing. The trend denies them the ability to achieve the maximum power while singing. Let your chest relax and take a deep breathe so that you can achieve the power required for excellent performance in your singing.


Release Your Jaw

Your jaws should be relaxed so that you can achieve the best in your singing adventure. The jaws you use to sing are the tools required for you to achieve the best. You can start by massaging the cheekbone so that you can relax the jaws before the singing session. Practice moving the jaws in a rotating motion so that they can relax before the session.


Don’t Eat Before Singing

You need the energy to sing, but you should avoid eating immediately you go out to sing. Digestion takes energy, and your lungs will not allow the diaphragm to vibrate fully if you have a full stomach. Concentrate in carrying out exercises so that you can achieve the best possible performance. If it is a must for you to eat, then you should only eat just small portions so that you can eat after you have performed in the singing competition.


Drink Warm Liquids

Cold water can affect your vocal folds. Avoid caffeine and nicotine as well before you sing. Cold drinks and caffeine constrict your throat making it hard for you to sing freely. Warm liquids will help you have relaxed vocal cords which will enhance your singing adventure. Warm teas or warm water will lube your vocal cords hence making it easy for you to perform the best. You should as well work out tongue and lip thrills so that you can stay prepared for the singing competition. Practice singing the song over and over so that you can get used to singing it naturally.


Final Thoughts ...

Performing in front of a crowd is tough -- don't make it any harder by not preparing! By using the tips above, you can be sure that you are giving your voice and your talents the best chance to shine!



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