The Top PAL Guitar And Musician Blog Articles Of 2016

2016 is in the books! And while we very much look forward to what 2017 brings us, the PAL Blog would like to take some time to take a look back at five of our most popular posts from 2016. We hope you have enjoyed what our staff has been pumping out and keep coming back for more throughout 2017. Enjoy!




5. The Most Expensive Guitars In The World

guitars_gallery_tiger_1-e1454616720190-300x283Aside from gear reviews, guides, brand pieces and other music tech articles, we also enjoy cranking out the occasional entertainment piece. This year, one such entertainment feature was popular enough to rank as the fifth most read article on the blog. It turns out that many of our visitors really wanted to know just how much some people are willing to spend on an instrument. While many of the guitars on this list are well known, the ones that took the top spot (and how much they went for) might actually surprise you.



4. Demystifying The Amp Presence Control

precense-150x150Our amplifier articles always tend to get a lot of hits so it comes as no surprise that the fourth most read article was aimed at answering a question on a lot of players' minds - what the heck is that Presence Control for, anyway? Much like the "Attack" control, the Presence knob isn't named for what it technically does to your tone but for what it sounds like it's doing. In this article, we took a look at what this knob actually controls, how it works, and how it differs from other amp settings.



3. The Tube Amp Standby Switch Explained

standby1-150x150Coming in at number three, yet another amplifier article (we told you they were popular). And much like the piece above, this story took a look at a common tube amp setting that many of us are familiar with but might not be too sure about its usefulness. While you probably already know that it comes in handy when trying to silence your amp without actually turning it off, it actually has another, more important function behind it.



2. A Few Of Our Favorite Telecaster Replacement Pickups

0992116000_tele_nsless-300x300The Telecaster is easily one of the most popular guitars in the world, used by a number of players of varying styles. And with so many Tele players out there in search for that perfect tone, it comes as no surprise that our article on our favorite Telecaster Replacement pickups got so many hits. If you're a proud owner of a Fender Telecaster, we highly suggest you take a look at our picks and head on over to the comments sections to give us yours.



1. Replacing The Output Jack On An Electric Guitar

tele-150x150Coming in as our most popular article of 2016, our team took it upon themselves to show our readers how to fix an all too common problem. While replacing an output jack on a guitar requires some soldering experience, we made sure to include all the relevant information, complete with plenty of videos for good measure. Even if you haven't had any jack issues in the past, we highly suggest you bookmark the article as it has all of the necessary info on the required tools and steps needed to perform the fix yourself.



In Conclusion ...

We hope you have enjoyed what the PAL Blog team brought in 2016 and that you will continue to read our output for 2017 and beyond. We are always looking to up our game and deliver quality content that both enlights and entertains our visitors. And with that said, here's to a great 2017!



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