Top Signs Your Band Might Be Breaking Up


Being in a band is a lot of fun and playing gigs are even more fun, especially in the beginning when you are writing new music and going through the trials and tribulation of life on stage. But sadly, for every festival headlining rock band to take the stage, there are hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousands of bands who have started up and then broken up for many of the same common reasons long before they ever made it to a headlining slot anywhere. If you are in a band and are worried you might break up, or if you are thinking of starting a band, to help you avoid breaking up here are some of the most common signs that show your band is almost breaking up.


Creative Differences

One of the big indication that your band is headed nowhere is the creative differences. This is when one person in the band thinks you should play music one way and someone else things you should add a rapper and a bunch of dancers. These core differences in the direction and image of the band often make band relationships unworkable as you don't share the same idea of what you want the band to be like. To avoid this, make sure you only start a band with good friends or people whose music taste you like.


Moving Away

Another common sign for bands splitting in the early stages is when band members move out of the area. This is common as many bands form at university or high school and after these are done, people have to follow jobs and other commitments. Just like any other relationship, long-distance just doesn't work out in the end. This is pretty hard to avoid unless you can find a group of people tied to an area for one reason or another.


Family And Relationships

This is another indication for bands splitting up. Having children can make playing in a band quite difficult as your priorities are immediately transferred to the child and can easily lead a band member to sacrifice their spot for more family time. This is also a common issue with DJs as they have to travel up and down the country on a regular basis.


Things Not Gelling

Of course, some bands break up because they just never click. Maybe no one comes to their shows or buys their CD and they can't even get through a song without stopping. Probably the only type of band who can get by while still being kind of bad are cover bands and wedding bands, as they are basically playing other people's songs and are normally paid in advance.


Final Thoughts ...

But with all that said, one thing bands should never do is give up without a fight. The stage is cruel and bands have big egos so 'roll with the punches' and try and keep the music alive. No matter how successful a band is or what they hope to achieve, there will eventually come a time when they no longer perform together. A band can break up in many ways and no two bands will separate in the same manner but knowing how to handle breaking up can be of great benefit to all concerned.



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