Top Things Bands Should Never Do On Social Media


You have a chance at achieving a two-directional conversation if your social media presence as a band is thoughtfully crafted with strong content. This kind of conversation encourages your followers to purchase your products, which is important since sales are the underlying goal. They also get a chance to engage with you when you tell your story, hence creating your brand, which is the real goal of using social media.


When using social media to create your brand, there is some truth that it can be your one stop shop for success, but it can also be the source of your doom. Below are some of the things that you should never do on social media.


Do Not Buy Followers

One deadly mistake you can make is buying followers. If your Facebook page shows you have 5,000 followers, but then your posts are getting only two likes, it will raise questions. It will not be long before you real followers realize what you have done and you might start getting bad reviews.


Do Not Force People To Like Your Page Before They Listen To What You Have To Offer

If you want faithful followers, you have to give them a tip of what you are offering. They should freely follow you after liking your music. If you have something special to offer people, they will be interested in searching and following you on social media.


Do Not Post Unnecessary Stuff

Most people will not care that you are busy writing songs but would love to know when the big tour is starting or when you plan to release a new video. To avoid boring your followers, learn to sieve the relevant stuff from the irrelevant ones especially if you send emails to your followers.


Do Not Post Photos of Members Who Are No Longer Part of the Band

Let them go if they leave the group no matter how good they were. Also, make sure you post a decent looking photo and always remember that the internet is eternal, what you post today will come to haunt you in future.


Do Not Post What You Do Not Believe In

Today, anyone can pick a guitar or computer and compose something that sounds like music. If you make a song that some members of the band are feeling itchy about, filter it before posting. Posting several behind the scene videos will not make people interested, in fact, it might make them lose their interest all the same. For this reason, ensure everything is filtered before posting and understand that quality matters more than quantity.


Each Band Member Should Be Conscious of What They Are Posting On Social Media

When posting on your band’s Facebook page, you need to know you are not only expressing yourself but also representing the entire band. You, therefore, need to be conscious of what you are posting. In case, have a personal page that is not linked to the group's social page where you can post any other stuff that is not related to the band.


Ignoring Questions from Fans

Social media creates an awesome platform where your fans can interact with you. Some will ask questions, and others will make open-ended comments. Whichever the case, make sure that you create time to respond to them. Otherwise, your followers may feel ignored resulting in online battles. Using your Facebook page as a way to interact with your fans and followers build trust, which results in the success of your band.


Final Thoughts ...

Social media platforms are powerful tools that can elevate your band when used correctly. In the wrong hands, it can make things much worse. By following the tips above, you can connect with your fans and promote your music the right way.



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