Top Things Only Bass Players Will Understand


It is often assumed that playing the bass guitar is relatively simpler, just because it has fewer strings. Only an experienced bass guitarist can confirm that this notion only exists in theory! To mention but a few, there are some things that only experienced bass players can explain better than anyone.


1. Bass Strings Are More Expensive

By virtue of bass strings being relatively longer and thicker, they are even more expensive than other guitar strings. A 6set of guitar strings can cost as little as $10, while a mere 4set of bass goes for at least $25 or more. They are rather more durable and won’t need constant replacement as with normal guitar strings. It is, however, discouraging that your band mates always leave the music store with more change than you!


2. Gear Is So Heavy!

To produce lower frequencies, you require superior instruments and also bigger speakers and amplifiers for it to be heard. Not only are bass guitars longer and heavier but their amplifiers are bigger too, making it so bulky when transporting and also when playing. This physical shortcoming can be countered by using chambered bodies and broader, stronger straps to deal with the guitar weight when performing. You could also use wheels or casters for the speakers and amplifiers.


3. Improvising Is Much Tougher

The most important relationship between instruments in a band involves the bass guitar and drums. Playing with an inconsistent drummer can be frustrating in the sense that you won’t know when to join in the beat for a synchronized outcome.

Many bass musicians find it hard to produce consistent volume since some notes are louder or softer than others, balancing those takes massive technique.


4. Picks vs. Fingers

The bass guitar is a very involving instrument; it is solely your duty as a bassist to take good care of yourself. The first body organs to look out for are your fingertips. The best way to ensure they harden gradually is to have short, numerous practice sessions rather than long ones, to prevent you from hurting your calluses.

You can also learn to use picks instead of always using your fingers head-on. However, bass picks are rare to find and you have to carry a few along with you to a performance, just in case you lose it on stage.


5. On The Spot

Soloing on a bass guitar in a crowded place requires great speakers and amplifiers else your beat gets swallowed in all the other noises around. Ever got out of a performance and your friends tell you that your band plays great but they didn’t feel or hear you?

The worst experience is when someone asks you to play them a bass tune and they don’t have the slightest idea when you drop it so you have to play them a common “Seven Nation Army” just to please them.


6. Guitarists Always Get The Hottest Girls

This stereotype is mostly applicable to other guitarists whose instruments rock the crowd and they play with so much energy on their light and high-pitched volumes of sound. Since the bass is mostly placed at the back of the stage with the drums and with the many things to consider in order to make some good sound on that thing, you only play with much less energy and are barely noticeable on stage. Some people in the crowd can even fail to place you in relation to your band.



Final Thoughts ...

Regardless of the many short straws bass players are dealt, no one can deny that there is an undeniable coolness to our favorite instrument. Yes, we may not get the same amount of spotlight as a guitarist but holding down the beat is an important job and someone has to do it!



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