Top Things Only Guitar Players Will Understand


Being a guitarist is awesome but like with anything, there are going to be some "issues" that only YOU will understand. These are only minor problems but when added together, can make you lose your mind! Let's take a deeper look at what these are, to both bond with (or share in the misery of) other musicians and entertain you.


Top things only guitar players will understand


1. The Mess Your Fingers Will Become

When playing the guitar, your fingers will become worn, dented and extremely sore from pressing so hard on the strings constantly. This happens all the time but when you are trying to nail a specific hardcore song, this becomes even more apparent. Didn't anyone ever tell you that your fingers are your friends and should be looked after? Go easy dude!


2. Tangled Wires Everywhere

People assume that guitarists live a carefree life, just carrying around their instrument like a hippy and that's it. If you are a true player, you probably have a lot more gear than that including an amp, pedals and a million wires to connect everything together. When you are setting up to play your guitar, this can result in a tangle of cables that can take forever to detangle - only for the same problem to magically happen again the next day.


3. You Will Constantly Be Asked To Play The Classics

When people hear you are a guitarist, you are going to be asked to play what THEY deem as the classics. This includes the annoying "Wonderwall" and the overplayed "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Just say no when the song requests start to roll in. Play the music you adore before you become a regular 'guitar-playing' lapdog.


4. You Notice When Others Don't Play Well

The awesome thing about not playing an instrument is that you don't know when somebody is doing it wrong. After you become a musician, every time you go to a gig or even watch a guitarist on TV, you are going to be extra critical if you feel like somebody is doing it wrong. This can ruin the experience slightly and makes music lose its magic.


5. Not Being Able To Find A Pick

Seriously where do these tiny, annoying things go? You buy an entire batch of picks and they seem to all be gone within the week. Having to visit the guitar shop every couple of weeks simply to purchase these little rascals can be slightly annoying.


6. Breaking Strings

Your guitar is a delicate instrument and sometimes TOO delicate. Breaking a string happens to the best of us but it can be absolutely heartbreaking if it happens just before a gig or when jamming with friends. Always have spare supplies handy so you can change a string when needed. After a while, you will learn this skill in mere seconds.


Final Thoughts ...

I hope some of these points have made you nod your head in agreement! Afterall, are you even a true guitar player if these have not happened to you? The misery that is occasionally involved is definitely worth it my friend, so keep plucking those strings and working hard.



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