Protecting Your Guitar From Cold Temperatures

Have you ever wondered on how to protect your guitar from cold temperatures? When you have an idea on how to do it, you will always keep it safe while protecting it from cold temperatures. Here is a guide on tips when protecting Your Guitar from Cold Temperatures:



1. Keep your guitar in a moderately cool place from 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit (5-10 degrees Celsius).

You should ensure that you keep your guitar in a moderately cool place from 5-10 degrees Celsius if you want to increase durability. How should you do it? You must allow it to adequately warm up with its case closed for one or two hours. Ideally, one should try avoiding exposing his or her guitar to very frosty temperatures altogether. This will improve its durability while saving you money.


2. Never leave your guitar on the wall hanging during winters.

While the floor temperatures may sometimes be 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 C), or five feet over the floor, you should protect it from cold temperatures. You should remember that relative humidity and temperatures tend to become quite low, which may give rise to many problems linked with extreme winter weather. In addition, you should keep humidity at approximately 45% in your home relative to 72 degrees Fahrenheit  (22 Celsius) for guitar safety. Ensure that you keep your guitar in a warm place as much as possible.


3. Keep your guitar in its case.

Besides keeping your guitar free of extreme temperature, you should ensure that you keep it in its case. In addition, you should leave it on a hanger or standing in an open place to allow free air circulation.


4. Let your guitar acclimate.

If your guitar is too exposed to extreme cold, you should warm it up before you can start to play it. You can also leave it in the case for about 5 to 10 minutes before opening the case while giving it some more minutes without playing to rest. This should prevent condensation of guitar from forming inside before playing it. When you have no idea on how do it, you can always get help from experts who will help you learn on how to prevent it from too much cold.


5. Swab guitar out after each playing session

This should be part of your daily routine, but it is extra vital in cooler weather, where
condensation and leftover moisture can actually freeze your guitar especially inside it. You should know that it might cost you a lot when trying to fix the damage to springs, screws, and pads. Moreover, you have to ensure that your guitar is fully dry inside prior to storing it in the case.


6. Get your guitar checked out routinely by a certified professional

If you notice your guitar sounding different, you should ensure that you hire an expert who will help you check what the problem might be. With their wealth of experience, they will help you on how to keep your guitars during cold temperatures.


In conclusion, the above tips when protecting your guitar from cold temperatures should help you enhance the durability of their guitars.



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