UK Concert Goers Angry at New Ticket Master Policy

Imagine a time when these no longer exist!

Several UK Radiohead fans are angry over what they claim are unfair practices under new policies placed on ticket sales for their favorite rock band.

The new policy set by Ticket Master aims to illuminate physical paper tickets on all UK shows in order to quell the rampant scalping and over-inflated pricing on the underground market.

Ticket purchasers are now required to buy online and show photo ID along with the credit card used for purchase in order to gain entry.

While this new form might sound fine in theory, several bugs in the policy became pretty apparent once real life started to kick in, such as, what to do if you can’t make it or are planning to buy them as a gift? And one more thing, Ticket Master also has no refund policy. Now I’m sure you can see the holes.

Well, as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for these scenarios to play out and for fans to start fuming over what they feel is a raw deal, such as Doctor Richa Manwani from London.

She tells The Guardian: “Only I can redeem the tickets on the night of the event with my credit card and photo ID. This means I have no way of selling them on for face value. Ticketmaster offers a no-refunds policy, which means I have lost my money.”

UK citizen Paul Chambers echoed a similar story: “I can’t go due to being away at work. The tickets are in my name and I can’t pick them up. My wife isn’t keen on going to the concert without me but couldn’t anyway due to my name and bank card being on the bill. I would gladly sell them to fans for face value but I can’t due to the restrictions.”

Several more fans are having the very same experiences where life just simply conflicted with the show’s date, which is completely understandable. What’s not understandable – at least from the ticket purchaser’s perspective – is how little Ticket Master seems to be doing to rectify the matter, and by how little, it’s actually more like nothing at all.

A spokesman for the company tells The Guardian that they will be more than happy to help any customers with questions on the matter, but if the following quote is any indication, it doesn’t sound like those unfortunate purchasers are going to like what they hear:

“Terms and conditions relating to the purchase of paperless tickets are clearly outlined to customers at multiple stages during the purchase process, including the initial purchase page, the shipping page and the billing page. Information relating to their purchase of paperless tickets is also conveyed on the confirmation email they receive.”

Translation: Too Bad.

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