How A Ukulele Can Make You A Better Guitarist

If you are a regular guitarist or just a fanatic, there are high chances you’ve heard about, seen or even played Ukulele. You might also have come across it in commercials, subway stations or YouTube covers. The point is, Ukulele is undoubtedly popular among music fanatics around the globe. The question is, has it ever occurred to you that it can be your one-way ticket to joining the best guitar players all over the world? Did you know that sparing some few hours each day playing Ukulele can improve your guitar playing skills?


If you this sounds new to you, then you might not understand why some of the famous celebrities such as Ryan Gosling, Dwayne Johnson and many other musicians around the world are fond of it. The truth is, Ukulele is not just a one-time instrument. If you are looking forward to level-up your chords, key or guitar playing skills, then playing Ukulele more often will do you some good. Check out why.



How a Ukulele can make you a better guitarist


1. Creating rhythms and harmony require creativity

Unlike your regular guitar, ukulele comes with some few restrictions that require you to be a little bit creative. It is limited to a particular range, sound as well as strings. To find your tune, you must be in a position to use a particular scale to create a theme you are looking for. More often, this is something we might want to leave to pro guitarist or bassists who have perfectly mastered both the keys and chords, but not when trying to enhance your skills.

To enjoy playing the ukulele, you have to figure out a lot of things with little or no help. And this is where the creativity comes in. Unlike a guitar, Ukulele drives you out of your comfort zone and forces you to try things you are not used to. If you can find your tune, then there are high chances you won’t have a problem handling a standard guitar.


2. Ukulele's inside-out wiring offers more than enough options

Unlike what is evident with many other musical instruments, Ukulele is wired inside out, meaning that the strings don’t go from the lowest to the highest as we see with a guitar. Here is the order.

Second highest – lowest – second lowest – highest

With strings that are set up like this, you don’t need to go from up to down. You have an option of playing across the strings. This arrangement allows you to play any run of notes that is often challenging, especially for starters. In short, playing Ukulele is always an exam.


3. Makes learning chords easier

To be a good instrumentalist, you must be well acquainted with chords. If you try playing ukulele for the first time, you’ll realize that the chords are a little bit different. For instance, the G-chord on a ukulele is not the same G-chord on a standard guitar. This difference prevents the habit of tying chords using particular fingering patterns.

Apart from the majorly used C-chord, G-chord, F-chord, D-chord, A-chord, it offers you a variety of chords to learn. To learn the chords, you must use a metronome at a slow pace and increase the speed when you take a break in between. Playing Ukulele makes it easier for you to master the chords at an early stage of your learning.


4. Ukulele allows you to learn anywhere

There is one thing about Ukulele that guitar players find pleasing. It is portable making it one of the most convenient instruments yet useful stringed instruments on the planet. You can carry it with ease to any trip. It is also small, meaning that you won’t have to worry about finding a space when stuffing your backpack.

Also, there is no need of worrying about where you’ll keep it. Whether it is in your bedroom drawers or your kitchen counter, Ukulele will always find a space. As a person trying to master the keys and chords, the last thing you need is not able to play your guitar the time you need it most. And this is where your small and portable Ukulele comes in.


5. Playing Ukulele is fun easy

As a beginner, you need to start slow and simple. Unfortunately, many large instruments won’t offer you this opportunity simply because of they are quite complicated. Ukulele is a four-stringed instrument but offers you up to 788 chords.

Unlike many other instruments, you don’t have to torture yourself learning the basics of mastering the chords. The four nylon strings make it fun and easier for any beginner to learn the basics of playing any stringed instrument.


The Bottom Line

Mastering the chords, keys, and notes when using a guitar can be a daunting task especially for a starter. Apart from its large size, its chords are numerous and obvious offering no challenge for an amateur. Compared to many other instruments, Ukulele is more like a standard guitar on the market, and that is the reason it makes a better choice for learning.

It is cheap, portable and the best part, engaging. Playing ukulele means figuring out chords to learn and create new rhythms, something you’ll rarely experience with any instrument because most are too obvious. If you are looking forward to being a better guitar player, then investing in Ukulele is without a doubt your answer.

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