The Unwritten Rules Of Playing With Other Bands

Many shows consist of more than one band. The reason is simple and obvious -- most bands don't have the required material to cover the entire show. This leaves venues with no option except but to hold multi-band shows. But this situation is not favorable to all the musicians. It causes a lot of pressure. Below, we take a look at some of the unwritten rules on playing with other bands.


Playing With Several Bands With The Same Style

This is the growing trend of the musical shows. Now many new brands are coming up with the same style. As they do not get the chance to perform the whole night, they make a group of bands for such assignments. The benefits of these bands are that all the bands get a scope to entertain a particular group of people. Since they come with many bands, the fans of the different bands come together to be a part of the show. Visibly, the number becomes more. Another thing is that the new bands get an opportunity to perform their best and to come to the notice of the people.

While performing with multi bands, you will have to take care of your gears and you will have to wait till your turn for the performance. You will have to check everything in advance and you will have to wait for the previous performer to clean up the stage and to leave it for you. Besides, you need to be careful of your given time and need to perform your best to show your talent and to grab more opportunities. Once your performance is finished, you will have to pack up your gears immediately. Otherwise, you might not be able to collect them and in the initial days of your career, it is not always possible to buy the new gears for all the shows.


Playing With Bands With Bigger Fan Bases

In some instances, many popular bands take the responsibility of big show like a club or theater. But they take the support of the bunch of the new bands for the better performance at a reasonable price. In these shows, the musicians of the leading band get the privilege of setting up their gears during the day time. The local or new brand will get the time for setting their gears just before the performance. They might be asked to perform with the available gears. To avoid these kinds of situations, the musicians should prepare to perform with the less gear.

These shows are not considered good for the newcomers as they will not get an opportunity to prove their potential. If they want to get some new fans and sell some CDs, then they will have to do some separate arrangements for the setup. Even if they do not get enough opportunity to show their potential, but they make some good connections and get better breaks for the future. The beginning might be slow and burdensome, but it is always worth it in the end.


In Conclusion ...

Playing with other bands might not be ideal for a lot of musicians but it is a necessary burden that should help your band grow in the long run. Yes, there will be situations when your band is probably at the bottom of the totem pole or just one of several "insert genre here" groups. Still, every gig is an opportunity to grow, but you have to be willing to take advantage of them first.



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