Van Halen Erased Original Bassist from Old Album Covers, More

Michael Anthony; Photo Credit to Official Van Halen site

Breaking up is hard to do – especially when it’s between you and a band famous for not always being so mature about it. As we all know, legendary rock band Van Halen are no strangers to parting ways with band members and making up with them, only to once again give them the boot.

Of course I’m referring the public drama that is/was Diamond David Lee Roth and his counterpart Sammy Hagar but as it  turns out, they aren’t the only two who have been on the business end of the band’s very public – and at times, childish – disputes.

According to a recent interview with That Metal Show, original Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony – who rejoined the group during their ’04 tour after being kicked out back in ’96 only to be tossed to the curb once the tour was over – spoke openly about one particular incident that has always stuck out in his mind.

As it turns out, not has Van Halen not wanted Anthony as a permanent member of the band since the ‘90s, but the group also tried to erase him from their past as well.

“They came out with a brand-new look on the website and some of the early albums I was on, they took my image off,” said Anthony. “I think it lasted for maybe a day. They were trying to erase some of the history to make way for the new thing. That hurt a bit. Everything else, it’s kind of like a marriage.”

As some of you might recall, Eddie Van Halen offspring Wolfgang Van Halen was named the official and permanent bassist for the group back in 2007 and has been playing along with his father onstage ever since, including this year’s world tour.

Well, on the bright, non-feuding side of the classic rock scene, original AC/DC frontman Bon Scott was honored over the weekend in his hometown of Kirriemuir, Scotland with none other than a freaking statue of his likeness.

According to The Daily Record, local community group DD8 Music, which is responsible for the annual Bon Scott music festival Kirriemuir, has asked sculptor John McKenna to design a statue as a permanent tribute for their hometown son.

"It's a great honor," said McKenna. "Bon Scott was an icon from my teenage years."

And with that, hope everyone had a good weekend.


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