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There’s no better way to decide which speaker is best for you than to hear it in action. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to walk into a music shop and try out speakers like you would a guitar. Luckily, there the guys at Celestion have put together a video playlist that showcases many of their great speakers. While it’s not the same as being able to place the speaker on your own rig and put them through their paces, these videos should give you a good idea of the tone they can bring to the table. From the legendary sound of the Vintage 30 to the very popular tone of the G12M Greenback, you can browse the playlist below to hear why Celestion speakers remain one of the most popular brands around!


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About Celestion

Celestion are well known for their legendary, high quality loudspeakers, used everywhere around the world, from on stage to clubs, theatres, every type of venue and more. From their early radio loudspeakers to complex sound reinforcement systems, Celestion speakers have helped to shape the history of sound reproduction. Since the company's birth in 1924, Celestion have paid meticulous attention to every product detail, combining innovative ideas with skillful craftsmanship.

Today, Celestion continue to manufacture loudspeakers and components for many different applications. Incorporating both modern and traditional technology, they have successfully incorporated years of experience into advancing the future of loudspeaker design.


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