Metallica Join Spotify, Vince Neil Swings at Fan

From Left: Sean Parker, Lars Ulrich and Daniel Ek

Another week in the books and another rock star getting into trouble – let’s check out some rock and roll news.

Looks like Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is gaining some huge momentum towards winning the coveted troubled post heyday rocker of the year award as he has once again found himself in the middle of a gossip column worthy tirade over this past weekend.

TMZ has obtained video of the veteran singer apparently taking a rage induced closed-fist swing at a front-row concert goer during a show in New Mexico.

The video shows Neil getting started on “Kickstart My Heart” when a fan seemed to do something that angered him, causing the singer to stop the song and start yelling at the guy “get the f--- outta here!”

When the fan started yelling right back, Neil reached back and let him have one – sort of. He missed. Looks like the fan had the quicker reaction as he ducked right in the nick of time.

He just wasn’t quick enough to avail security as they quickly got the front row fan out of the show. Neil meanwhile – fresh off his embarrassing swing and miss – went on with the show as if nothing happened, naturally.

You can check out the video below.

And in other non-fits-of-rage news, looks like the guys at Metallica are finally ready to let bygones be bygones as the band has formally released their entire catalog on a music service that involves old nemesis and Napster co-founder – Sean Parker.

The band officially announced the news yesterday that their entire catalog was now live on the popular music service Spotify. To celebrate the news, the Metallica’s website posted up a photo featuring drummer Lars Ulrich with Spotify founder Daniel Ek along with Parker who had invested in the company early on.

Although it is uncertain, the change of heart with online music services might have something to do with the very recent news that the band is now in complete control of their entire music catalog and have launched their own record label, Blackened Records. 

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