Vocal Tips: Singing While Sick


Perhaps you happen to be a singer and are about to sing in a competition or an event but, unfortunately, your health condition is preventing you from doing so. Many singers had to confront with this problem in the past and some of them were able to overcome this obstacle successfully. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will provide you with some helpful vocal tips on how to get through a sickness while maintaining a good vocal health at the same time.


Keep Hydrated

It is imperative to stay hydrated in order to maintain a good vocal health particularly when a singer is ill. A vocalist must consume more water than the others and should also make sure to drink sufficient water after every single restroom trip. It is advisable to add some lemon juice in cold water for staying hydrated or you may also drink ice water which will help to minimize inflammation.


Get Plenty Of Sleep

When we sleep, our bodies are able to recover from any type of illnesses. Usually, a healthy individual must get at least eight hours of slumber every night on a regular basis which will help our body to function efficiently. When a person is sick it will be a smart idea to increase the duration of sleep by a couple of hours since, in such conditions, our bodies will be required to tackle a lot more than what they do normally.


Make Sure To Warm Up By Humming

It is suggested to hum a bit prior to warming up since it will help to warm up your vocal cords without providing any additional strain. It is even more important to do this while a singer is sick. One should perform this act early in the morning and also at least half an hour prior to warming up before any performance since it will help in activating his or her voice. Fortunately, one can easily do humming when the other bands are performing due to the fact that humming is not loud enough to disturb their performance.


Make Use Of Throat Sprays

The usage of throat sprays is recommended for all vocalists particularly when they’re sick since it will provide relief at least for the time being. However, take care not to use these sprays within one hour before a performance.


Give Your Voice A Rest

Try to refrain from talking while you’re sick since this will give enough rest to your vocal cords thus allowing your voice to restore full power. Unfortunately, this is always not possible since many of us have some important jobs as well as other responsibilities. Consequently, whenever it is feasible to provide some rest to your vocal cords, do not let go of the opportunity.


Final Thoughts ...

Singing while sick isn't easy, just like trying to do anything else while under the weather. Sure, you might not be at 100%, but that doesn't mean you can't give a great performance. By following the five tips above, you should be able to give your voice a fighting chance. As they say, the show must go on!



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