Walrus Audio Announce Two New Pedals At NAMM 2016

Known for their highly versatile and highly stylized effects, Walrus Audio unveiled two brand new pedals that will soon be joining their lineup: the Julia Chorus/Vibrato and the Contraband Fuzz. With its ability to blend between Chorus and Vibrato effects, The Julia allows players to take their sound to strange new places. The Contraband and its simple design meanwhile aim to take the fluff out of the Fuzz pedal. After taking a good look at both of them, we can say that these pedals are sure to continue the pedal maker's penchant for creative takes on well-known effects.


Out of all of the controls on the Julia, the most interesting was definitely the Lag setting. This allows you manually set the delay time, thinning out the effect. While most chorus pedals do this by setting the effect to a very short delay time, the ability to manually dial-in desired times allows The Julia to come up with sounds that you can't get elsewhere. Other controls include Rate, Depth and Blend knobs. Overall, The Julia should definitely excite experimental players that love thinking up tones outside of the box.


While The Contraband features a design that's as simple as its gets, featuring nothing more than a knob labeled "Output" and a tiny switch, it was able to give an impressive amount of Fuzz effect range. From a nice grit to raunchy, full-blown fuzz, the Contraband was able to deliver. The Contraband's "Thick/Thin" toggle switch meanwhile allows players to match the signal for use with either single-coils or humbuckers. All in all, this pedal looks like a great fit for players that want a no-nonsense Fuzz that strips away everything you probably don't want while doing an amazing job at what matters most: killer fuzz!

While Walrus Audio has yet to announce an official price for either pedal (and have yet to add them to their official website), the company did mention that the Contraband should be available at around $100 while the Julia will come in closer to $200. We'll be sure to update eager players with the official prices and release dates as soon as they're made available! In the meantime, you can check out all of our Walrus Audio Effects right here!


Check out The Julia in action below!


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