Walrus Audio Descent Reverb Review With Video

Walrus Audio pedals have been gaining a lot of popularity lately – and it’s not just because of their awesome designs. These pedals tend to follow a mantra of packing as many features and as much versatility that one pedal can handle, so it comes as no surprise that the Descent Reverb follows suit. Designed to create a wide range of ambient sonic textures, the Walrus Audio Descent is a three mode reverb system boasting eight independent controls that allow you to precisely hone in your perfect reverberated sound like few other pedals can. From thick and endless hall reverbs to rich symphonic shimmers, the Descent was made for players looking for a reverb pedal that packs an impressive amount of sonic possibilities and precise controls in one good-looking package.


In the video below, the guys over at Premier Guitar give their take on the Descent Reverb:


PAL's Take

The Walrus Audio Descent is an ambitious reverb pedal with a clear focus on creativity, with a direct emphasis on its +1 and -1 octave feature that can be used with any of the three different reverb modes. Not only does the Descent come with plenty of traditional reverb sounds, the added features give it tonal possibilities miles above your standard pedal. In Hall mode, the Descent features a classic reverb sound that can move your signal from a small-room-echo to a hauntingly long hall-echo. Reverse mode smoothly flips your signal to playback unique responses and can be manipulated with pre-delay time controls. Shimmer mode highlights the dry signal while adding in a full octave up and down into the mix to create a very distinct symphony of sound. Other notable features include the ability to store three user presets, stereo outputs and support for most on-the-shelf expression pedals. If you're serious about your reverb and looking for a pedal that can take it to the next level, the Walrus Audio Descent Reverb will deliver in spades.

You can check out the Descent's product page right here for more information including six additional videos.


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