Write Bad Songs And Other Songwriting Tips

We are our own first critics especially when it comes to writing songs. Many are the times a songwriter writes the first line of lyrics only to rub it seconds later. This is repeated 100 times and at the end of the day, they are left with nothing. This need not be the case. You should allow yourself to write as many bad songs, not with the aim of selling or performing them but because in order to be able to write a great song, you need to practice your skills and most importantly learn from your failures.


Once you write the first line, keep going and do not stop the flow as a week or so later, you will look back at the piece and suddenly know what will make it great. This, in turn, inspires you to take it further. The more bad songs you write, the better songwriter you will become. Do not scrub anything while creating.

Here are some ideas that will help you write great music

· Set the Mood

Just like you cannot fall asleep while in a party with bright lights and extremely loud people, set the surrounding environment to succeed. Usually, turning off the lights and lighting candles or even some oil helps to tune you artistically.

Also, select the perfect time, it could be in the afternoon when the sun’s golden rays are pouring through the window or at 2 a.m. when you can hear a pin drop. You can even choose to go to the beach or at the top of a hill. Just identify when and where you will be most inspired to write.


· Imagine the topic

Now imagine the topic you would want to write about unfolding like a movie in front of you and write down the events. Do not strain, just write what comes to mind even if some word seem odd. You may not know where some of the words belong but by writing them down means you have acknowledged them and you can crack them later.


· Mix Up Your Method

Try and do things in an order you have not done before. If you always begin by writing the lyrics followed by the chords and the melody last. Mix up the process and begin with the melody followed by the lyrics and chords last.


· Switch off the lights

This comes in handy especially when using a guitar or piano. Switch off all the lights so that you are left in pitch darkness but can be able to see what you are doing. By so doing, you are shutting down the logical part of your brain. This is the part of the brain that keeps telling you which chord to play first because it works that way.

In fact, forget all the knowledge and theory, place your hands on the keys and just play the combinations of notes randomly.


· Assume your work belongs to someone else

When you think that the work you have created is awful, imagine that it is not your work but your favorite artist. Then ask yourself if he or she was singing the words and melody would you still think it is horrible, if the answer is yes, then look for ways to make it great.



Your Turn to Sound Off!

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