Yoko Ono’s Top 10 Lennon Tunes

John Lennon’s widow,Yoko Ono has chosen her 10 all-time favorite John Lennon songs for Rolling Stone magazine’s playlist feature. Her first-place selection is 1971’s “Oh My Love,” about which she says: “It’s not so much about sexual interest or ‘I miss you’ – it’s more to do with true love.”

Yoko’s Top 10 Lennon songs:

1. “Oh My Love”
2. “Gimme Some Truth”
3. “Give Peace a Chance”
4. “God”
5. “Grow Old with Me"”
6. “Imagine”
7. “Scared”
8. “Jealous Guy”
9. “I Don’t Wanna be a Soldier”
10. “Mother”

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