ONE CONTROL BJF Anodized Brown Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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ONE CONTROL BJF Anodized Brown Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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A tight, fat low end, the presence of natural saturation free from any artificial treble buzz, a lowered guitar volume diluting high frequency saturat

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Distortion effect, as the name suggests, means the effect of distortion itself. Among these distortion-type effects, it’s not yet a prominent effect.

Why is the distortion effect so underrated?
Distortion that’s flat with disproportionately high gain doesn’t bring out the sound in the front well and isn’t suitable for delicate and subtle expressions. It can never match the sound from a large output amplifier.

No matter what type of amp or guitar you use, what matters most in making the best distortion is always a distortion pedal and this pedal needs to express all the subtle movements of the player’s fingers.

The distortion pedal also needs sufficient gain, as well as compression and long sustaining to help a player express their sound freely. Incorporating that, Anodized Brown Distortion is a pedal designed for players of all genres who need distortion.

Large output tune amps feature response, operability and a sense of compartmentalization. They also feature sharp yet stable attack, flexibility that covers from lead to backing, and a high dynamic range to avoid unnatural distortion.

Distortion pedal that was completely newly-designed by BJF
Distortion that responds to any genre that requires distortion
Great ease of use with guitar, bass, amplifier and effector
Distortion is easy to handle with high response and a high dynamic range
High quality compact cut-out aluminum case
Built-in battery possible
Drives at 6 to 18V

Input impedance: 94K
Output impedance: 5K
Drive voltage: 6V~18V
Current consumption: 4mA @ 9V
S/N ratio: -70dBm/
Size:39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protruding parts)
    47Wx100Dx46H mm (including protruding parts)
Weight: Approx. 160 grams (200 grams with batteries included)

* Batteries are not included.

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