ONE CONTROL Black Loop Looper Pedal

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ONE CONTROL Black Loop Looper Pedal

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The Black Loop is a 2 Loop true bypass switcher with two DC outs.

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The BLACK LOOP is a 2 Loop true bypass switcher with two DC outs.

While using the DC Input the two DC outs can be used. While pedals are connected to Loop 1 or Loop 2 they can be simultaneously powered and bypassed by using the Black Loop's true by-pass capabilities.

Players can connect multiple pedals into each loop to create two independent effect chains. The Black Loop is a great solution for bypassing vintage effect while not in use. The Black Loop has several uses depending on how you connect it.

In Use
The Black Loop is like having a swiss army knife for your pedalboard. For pedal fanatics, knowing why having a true bypass looper is important in simple; pedals that aren't true bypass have buffers than can get in the way of your signal chain even when not in use. Not only vintage pedals but modern tuners can effect your guitar's signal. These are just some of the reasons why having a true bypass looper is important.

The Black Loop is a great value. The several features that the Black Loop provides makes it an extremely useful item for any guitarist to have. In addition to being a true bypass looper, the Black loop can be used as an AB Box. Simply attach one amp to the OUTPUT and the other amp to SEND 2. Stepping on the LOOP 2 switch will toggle between SEND 2 and the OUTPUT. If you choose to use the Black Loop in this manner, stepping on LOOP 1's switch will act as a mute switch. If nothing is connected to SEND 1 or SEND 2, either of the two can be used as mute switches however if you attach your tuner to SEND 1 or SEND 2, you can create a tuner/mute switch with the Black Loop.

In Addition to all of the functions that have already been mentioned, the Black Loop can also be used as an amp channel switcher. Simply use a standard instrument cable, and run from the outputs to foot-switch input on the amplifier and the Black Loop can be used as a amp channel switcher.

Lastly the Black Loop has two DC outputs to add extra power to your pedalboard. When you aren't using a power supply the Black Loop it will still function, minus the LEDS, but when you are using a power supply the DC outputs of the Black Loop can provide extra 9-Volt DC power for two pedals. ​

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