Radial Bones Texas dual overdrive effect pedal

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Radial Bones Texas dual overdrive effect pedal

Radial Bones Texas dual overdrive effect pedal

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The Texas 'Bone' is a high performance overdrive pedal capable of generating everything from vintage 'TS9' style tones all the way to the latest ultra high-gain 'in-your-face' tones. The 'magic' inside is a minimalist high-gain drive circuit that lets you add bluesy textures or when driven hard, will produce harmonically rich tones that are fatter than a Texas Longhorn and more fun than a rattle snake neck tie!The Texas employs a unique high performance buffering circuit with preset load correction that retains the performance of 'true bypass' connectivity while lowering the impedance and susceptibility to noise. This enables the Texas to efficiently drive the guitar signal when using longer cables and enables it to employ our latest EIS - Electronic Impulse Switching for unmatched durability without the challenges posed by mechanical switchesFor maximum on-stage efficiency, the Texas is configured for 'clean, rhythm & lead' playability whereby in bypass mode, you get the natural clean sound of your guitar. When the Texas is activated, you can choose between two channels using the toggle footswitch. Each channel is equipped with its own tone and level control that lets you adjust each sound to your specific needs. For instance, you can set the rhythm tone with extra high end to cut through at lower volumes while the lead channel can be set with more bottom end to fatten up the tone for solos. This is augmented with two 3-position 'bite' switches that let you assign each channel for vintage style overdrive, extra beef or a more aggressive modern tonal structure. To increase sustain and cut for solos, channel-2 is augmented in the mid-range.The Texas is a high performance overdrive pedal that delivers a wide range of tones the size of a Dallas sky in a compact and easy to use format.

  • From Bluesy grit to Texas-sized overdrive
  • Keep your signal strong
  • Perfect for the stage
  • Variable overdrive and tone
  • Vintage to crunchy to extreme overdrive range
  • Dual mode for clean, rhythm, and lead playing
  • Compact design makes it a great fit for any pedalboard
  • Dual level knobs
  • Dual tone knobs
  • Toggle footswitch
  • Bypass footswitch
  • Two 3-position Bite switches

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