RADIAL CAB-BONE EX Speaker Cabinet Switcher

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RADIAL CAB-BONE EX Speaker Cabinet Switcher

Radial CAB-Bone EX Speaker Cabinet Switcher for 300 Watt Amps.

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CAB-BONE - another creative tool for making better music from the Tonebone tone fanatics at Radial.


CAB-Bone switches between two speaker cabinets with one amplifier head allowing the guitarist to transition from say, a Fender 2x12" open back, to a Marshall 4x12" slant with one foot stomp! The CAB-Bone employs High-performance gold contact relays to switch the amp's speaker output to either cabinet without adding color or compromising your sound.

And CAB-Bone is safe switching is controlled by a timer IC that manages a ramped connection overlap. This ensures a constant load on the output, a major concern with tube amps. With SafeMode the input signal connects to output-1 automatically if power is ever lost.


To reduce "cable spaghetti" on stage, CAB-Bone is equipped with our Slingshot remote controled switching system. Slingshot allows any standard footswitch to control switching from your pedalboard or wherever you like, keeping the amp-to-cabinet cables short and efficient. Slingshot can also switch amp channels, effects or other Slingshot equipped devices, to get those perfect tone combinations quickly and with one click instead of a tap dance routine!


Like all Radial products, the CAB-Bone is built tough to handle the road:
14 gauge steel, baked enamel finish, high performance parts throughout.
You get all of this in a compact enclosure that is ultra quiet and
completely transparent to the tone of your amp.


CAB-Bone Setup:

Plug your guitar into your amp as normal but instead of connecting the amp output into a speaker cabinet, plug it in to the CAB-Bone's 'FROM AMP' jack. Now plug one of your two cabinets into the 'SPEAKER-1' jack and the other cabinet into the 'SPEAKER-2' jack. Use only heavy duty SPEAKER cables with 1/4" connectors. You are now set up to toggle your amp safely between the two cabinets.


Because the CAB-Bone comes equipped Radial's innovative Slingshot feature, it can be switched remotely, or itself can switch other devices (like amp channels or effects) remotely, or both!


The CAB-Bone features:

Speaker cabinet switcher for all amp types

Footswitch toggle between two speaker cabinets

Digitally controlled relays with ramping overlap

Slingshot remote-control switching

SafeMode failsafe protection

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