RADIAL Headbone VT Tube Amp Head Switcher Tone Bone Open Box

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RADIAL Headbone VT Tube Amp Head Switcher Tone Bone Open Box

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Radial Headbone VT Tube Amp Head Switcher Tone Bone Open Box

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The Radial Headbone is an advanced amplifier switching device that allows two different guitar amp heads to be used with a single speaker cabinet. With the Headbone, one head could be used for rhythm while a second head could be used for soloing. With 100% discreet Class-A circuitry and choice of either buffered or un-buffered inputs, the Headbone will be of particular interest for players that demand the utmost in tonal performance.

The Headbone's internal switching comprises a sequence of relays, photocells, and load resistors, all of which are controlled via a digitally programmed chip. Hit the footswitch and the Headbone toggles the guitar signal from one amp to the other, disconnects the speaker and diverts the signal to a load resister, reconnects the speaker to the second head and turns on the guitar, all in quick succession. The Headbone features SafeModeル whereby even when power is disconnected; the Headbone will automatically default to 'head-1 to cabinet' status, ensuring a constant load on the amplifier.

Headbone comes equipped with Slingshotル, an easy-to-use switching system that uses any standard footswitch to toggle the Headbone's status remotely, from wherever the footswitch is located. Slingshot lets you keep the amp-to-speaker cables short and efficient and opens up new switching possibilities too.

The Headbone is available in 3 models: The VT for two valve/tube heads, the SS for two solid-state heads and the TS for tube to solid-state amp head switching.

Headbone ヨ another Radial 'power tool' for serious guitarists.

  • Amp head switcher
  • Employs a series of photocells for noise-free switching
  • High cycle relays switch between the 2 heads and the speaker
  • Digital programmable interrupt controller receives commands from the onboard footswitch or the Slingshot remote switching system
  • Controls the transition between equipment to ensure proper amp loads

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