Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad provides a way to protect the value of your instrument.

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  1. SCRATCH PAD Scratch Pad For Guitars Black

    SCRATCH PAD Scratch Pad For Guitars Black


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    Designed to accommodate the most vulnerable wear areas of ALL electric and acoustic guitars...

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Scratch Pad was invented by a Chicago Guitarist who simply got tired of the dings and scratches that were being caused by his own belt buckles, buttons and pocket rivets.   

The inventor tried everything from a towel over his belt buckle, to playing his guitar high on his chest (above his belt buckle).  Eventually he applied one of those static cling, vinyl sheets which reduced light scratches but did not provide protection from dings and divots. 

Several months and dozens of prototypes later, the Scratch Pad was invented and had evolved into a very cool, thoughtfully designed, heavily constructed finish protector that also looked great on his guitar.   

Joe (the Inventor) was immediately swamped with requests from friends, then friends of friends, all who wanted one of his finish protectors for their own guitars.  It soon became obvious that Joe would never be able to satisfy the demand by producing units in his home workshop. 

Joe soon recruited the assistance a life long friend, a Business Consultant who immediately recognized the potential of the invention and applied for the necessary patents.

Perseverance and attention to detail have now produced the ultimate product for protecting the value of your instrument.