SE ELECTRONICS RF-X Project Studio Reflexion Filter

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SE ELECTRONICS RF-X Project Studio Reflexion Filter

SE Electronics RF-X Project Studio Reflexion Filter

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You’ve decided that you want to push your artist or audio engineer career to the next level. Among your items that you’re looking to acquire to make quality recordings is a reflection filter to block those reverberant reflections enabled by your untreated project studio walls. You want proven quality technology that’s not going to break your bank and give you the results that you haven’t been able to achieve in your project studio.


SE electronics had you in mind when they designed their RF-X Entry level Reflexion Filter. SE electronics’ patented technology will help you eliminate those bathroom-esque recordings and start allowing for tighter, dryer recordings without almost no coloration of the signal.


The RF-X uses the same design technology as the RF-PRO, however new materials have been developed to make it lighter then its big brother, while still maintaining its durability. It features a four layer acoustic filter design comprising the outer composite panel itself, a wool fabric layer, an air gap layer, and an inner acoustic foam layer lined with a high density 'crystal' foam with curved undulations rather the cheaper and less effective ribbed, medium density foams that are widely used by other companies. The multi-layer design with air gaps differentiates the RF-X from other competitors by ensuing that your recording will exhibit almost zero sound coloration when using this product.

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