SEYMOUR DUNCAN P-Rails w/ FLAT Triple Shot Mounting Rings

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SEYMOUR DUNCAN P-Rails w/ FLAT Triple Shot Mounting Rings

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SEYMOUR DUNCAN P-Rails w/ FLAT Triple Shot Mounting Rings

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FLAT mounting rings are designed for use with FLAT Top Guitars.

Seymour Duncan introduces the P-Rails pre-wire with the Triple Shot mounting rings.  P-Rails are full-size humbuckers that split to either full-size p-90s or special Alnico-powered single-coil Rail pickups.  The Triple Shot pickup switcher allows you to access series, paralell and split wirings in your P-rails with the flick of a switch, providing you with 24 unique tonal settings.  From classic powerful humbucker and fat P-90 sounds, to subtle glassy strat tones and everything else in between!

The P-Rails / Triple Shot set is pre-wired.  Comes in black finish. Set Inlcudes Bridge and Neck pickup

Magnet type: Alnico 5 bar

Cable: Four-conductor


DC Resistance: 5.60KOhm

Resonant Peak: 7.0KHz


DC Resistance: 8.56KOhm

Resonant Peak: 6.0KHz

Until now, if you wanted humbucker, P-90, and vintage Strat® tones, you’d have to haul three guitars to the gig. Enter P-Rails™. It’s a full-size humbucker that splits to either a full-size P-90 or a special Alnico-powered single-coil Rail pickup. The humbucker sound is full and expansive, owing to the mis-matched coil configuration. The P-90 is a super fat. And the Rail coils, when used together, sound like the “2” and “4” positions in a great Strat.

P-Rails are best used in a matched neck and bridge set. To get both humbucker and P-90 tones, use a two-way switch (push-pull or mini-toggle). To have humbucker and P-90 tones and bring in the added dimension of the single-coil Rail, use a three-way switch (DPDT on-off-on). P-Rails are available pre-wired with Triple Shots which makes it easier to access all the tones in addition to giving you series and parallel sounds.

P-Rails can be used in any guitar set up for a traditional humbucker or Trembucker. A single P-Rails will bring added dimension to your guitar. However, to optimize P-Rails’ unique splitting capabilities and get the best single-coil Rails tones, use a neck and bridge set.

Peter Stroud / Sheryl Crow Band, Blues Saraceno, Eric Miker / Decemberadio

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