TC ELECTRONIC BH550 550Watt Bass Amp Head with TonePrint and Tuner

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TC ELECTRONIC BH550 550Watt Bass Amp Head with TonePrint and Tuner

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TC ELECTRONIC BH550 550Watt Bass Amp Head with TonePrint and Tuner

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TC Electronic is building everything people loved from the BH250 onto the BH550 by simply throwing in more of what made the amp so innovative. You get more power, more more punch and more creative features without compromising the original's ultra-lightweight design. On top of that, you get a highly intelligent EQ section and a built in tuner.


TonePrint: Complete Creative Control

No longer is your creativity held back because of a fixed set of built-in effects. With the innovative TonePrint technology, TC Electronics gives you the ability to become the amp designer. If you need a swirling vintage flanger and TubeDrive for you next rock gig, or a compressor and a chorus when you play with your funk band, you simply just load them into the amp. This may sound surreal, but it really is that easy.


Art. Where Technology and Design Meet.

Long gone are the days where bassists were the quiet dudes on the side of stage starting at their shoes pumping roots and fifths. Today's bassist is versatile, expressive, loud and ready for his or her place in the spotlight. To perfectly support the needs of our fellow lovers of low-end, TC Electronics has designed the BH550 to fit the needs of busy bassists on the go. Included in the BH550 is a lightweight, portable design, a killer EQ section and unlimited tonal versatility through TonePrint, plus an on-board tuner. So just like you, this amp was born to rock!


Intelligent EQ

Behind BH800's intelligent EQ section, lies a frequency range perfectly tuned for bass. No matter if you like your sound nice and scooped, fat and groovy or filled with high-end sparkle, the BH800's tone controls will be sure to cut and boost in all the right places, leaving you sounding your best every single time.

--Key Features

Bass Tuner
The BH550’s ultra-precise on-board tuner is there when you need it. It’s always on, so you constantly have a clear read of whether you’re in tune or not. And with a frequency range that supports up to six-string basses, you can be sure that your low-notes will always be in tune!

TonePrint: Your Vision, Your Sound
BH550 features a wide range of TonePrint effects, from Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Octaver to our custom SpectraComp & BassDrive – and they all sound killer! We even have Combined TonePrints that let you enjoy the power of two TonePrints in one!

Frequent Awesomeness
The intelligent EQ section is designed to cut and boost at different frequencies. Tailored specifically for bass for ultra-precise tonal shaping.

Balanced Output
Use the balanced output to send a signal to a PA or a sound engineer when playing live, or use it as a high–quality bass preamp in the studio when recording, taking advantage of the tone controls and TonePrint features. Choose between sending a pre signal for a completely clean and direct sound or chose post to get the flavor of the amp.

Plug & Play
Use your iPod, phone, MP3 player or similar to jam along your favorite tracks. Just plug it into the AUX input and you’re ready for a rehearsal session, combining your favorite music with your favorite bass tone!

Late Night Jammin’
If you like jamming late at night, plug in a pair of headphones for a silent session. Keep it grooving, and keep your family and neighbors happy at the same time.

Foot Control
You can hook up a Switch 3 pedal for complete creative control. The first switch will turn TonePrint 1 on and off, the second turns TonePrint 2 on and off, while the third will mute the amp. Glorious sonic options straight at your feet!

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