VAN ZANDT Blues Model Middle Position RWRP Stratocaster Pickup

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VAN ZANDT Blues Model Middle Position RWRP Stratocaster Pickup

Van Zandt Stratocaster Blues Model Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity Pickup

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Van Zandt Pickups was started by W.L. Van Zandt in the late 1980's, but he had been repairing pickups around the Dallas/Ft.Worth area since the early 1960's. Mr. Van Zandt worked for years as a machinist and played guitar in country bands since the 1950's. He started rewinding the magnets on pickups for friends and other players, and pretty soon he had a small business going as his reputation grew by word of mouth

If you like it cool like a cactus julep on a warm Austin night, you'll cotton to this Blues Model. Your strat will retain its famous tone with a brightness and fullness bigger than the prairie moon over the Rio Grande.

Built to capture the blues sound this pickup is attack sensitive and responds to very light pick attack, as well as having a lot of snap with a heavy attack. The Blues Model can be mellow or bright depending on the style of play and possesses full midrange without sacrificing the high end.
Reverse Winding: This is a good quality that assists the guitar in cutting down on pickup hum especially in clubs and places that have a lot of fluorescent and neon lighting.  Makes for much more hum free sound from the guitar.

This also allows you to coil split in the 2nd and 4th position of a 5 position pickup switch.

Pickup Mixing:
Different combinations of pickups used together will allow a player to get different sounds such as and example blues in the front and center and rock in the back to give him a rock sound and a blues sound on the other two.

Pro Audio Land is an authorized dealer of Van Zandt pickups. All of Pro Audio Land's Van Zandt pickups are new, straight from J.D.'s hands in Texas!

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